Hexagram 2 Text

Hexagram 2 Text


Divination: Later Heaven Name and Number:


(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

0. Open Heart)



Zodiac:………24° – 30° Sagittarius

Calendar:……Northern Hemisphere: Dec 16 to Dec 22 approx

………………Southern Hemisphere: Jun 15 to Jun 21 approx

House 4:…….06° – 00° setting to IC

Time of day…11:36 to 12:00 PM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:……….06° – 00° Waning

Moon Phase:. Waning New Moon Phase (45° – 00°)

…………………..(10½ to 14 days after the Full Moon).



The earth above, the earth below.

Yielding without, receptive within.

There is a great mystery here

For those who can listen.

One surrenders to the universe.

In openness, everyone and every thing is included.

There is no time for oneself,

And yet there is nothing but Self!



Silent night.

The longest night.

Receptivity prevails.

If there is a close bond between friends and family,

There will be no need for words.

Consider everyone.

Leave no one out in the cold.

If the child goes hungry, no one will sleep.

The way of the humble.

Take care of the small things,

And the big things will take care of themselves.

Avoid being insensitive.

Surrender to the needs of others

And you will sleep well.

Silent contentment.




Yielding without and yielding within.

Outer acceptance, inner virtue.

This is the way of the mother.

Individuality is encompassed by the needs of others.

Responsibilities prevail over freedom.

By including everyone, no one will be left out.

Adjusting without and within.

There is no limit to the vastness of the universe.

Without contending,

It becomes possible to comprehend the virtue of emptiness.

Without knowing, one understands.

This is the gateway to profundity

Although it appears to be nothing at all.

How can one be responsible for life?

This is not something one does.

It just happens.

Virtue is not won or lost by others.



The mother to herself.

Many vulnerabilities. Many responsibilities.

Everyone comes to her for help.

She is always busy

And rarely has time for herself.

Because she is sensitive to everyone’s needs,

She develops an understanding of life.

She may try to explain or advise,

But her power is in her silence.

She is the spirit of the family.

She is inclusive and not separative.

She will not force her will,

But she will take her moments when they come.

At home she will rarely be acknowledge for who she is,

But her sense of belonging is profound.



Pentans-09SA 24-30 Hx-2 The Receptive

24-30 SA: 2. The Receptive

The needs of the group.

So many people, so much to do.

One is easily distracted and runs here and there.

Time can be wasted.

Criticism of others is unproductive.

Good efforts will heal or help.

There can be great vulnerability.

There is also a great mystery in silence and surrender.

One can be pulled out or in.

This is a time for belonging and for participation.

One must be careful not to lose inner composure

Aspire to peace and good will.

Many things are better off left unsaid.

One cannot ignore the needs of others.

To sleep with a clean conscience is to sleep well.

A New Interpretation of Hexagrams! Without the Superior Man!