Hexagram 41 Text

Hexagram 41 Text


Divination: Later Heaven Name and Number:


(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

  1. Keeping Still in Pleasure.)



Zodiac:…………..06° – 12° Aries

Calendar:……….Northern Hemisphere: Mar 26 to Apr 1 approx

………………………Southern Hemisphere: Sep 29 to Oct 5 approx

House 12:……….96° – 102° rising from IC

Time of day:……06:24 to 06:48 AM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:………..96° – 102° Waxing

Moon Phase:…..Waxing Half Moon Phase (90° – 135°)

……………………..(7 to 10 ½ days after the New Moon).



The mountain above, the lake below.

Restraint without and pleasure within.

One wants to move the immovable

But in the end will have to go around it.



Spring floods.

The lake challenges its limits.

Water cannot climb the mountain,

It will flood the valley.

Great force is needed to reinforce the dams and barriers.

To impose restraints on joy is a losing battle.

The wise one will exert influence at the source.

Find good outlets for happiness.

A way must be made for the flow of joy.



Restraint without, happiness within.

Considerate initiative.

There are natural limits to self indulgence.

Without restraint, there is no music, only noise.

If one speaks inappropriately others will be offended.

And one’s fortunes will decrease.

If one’s actions disturb the peace of others

One will be decreased.

Decrease is inevitable.

The question is:

Whether one imposes decrease on oneself,

Or other people impose it?



The third daughter to the third son.

She moves, he waits.

She laughs, he listens.

She likes to have fun.

He will not contend.

They complement each other.

She diminishes his tranquility.

He will not complain.

Maybe, in time, she will learn to listen.



Pentans-01AR 06-12 Hx-41 Decrease

06-12 AR: 41. Decrease

One is impatient

And will not wait for what one wants.

If one rushes ahead, or forces matters

Or makes demands on others

Quality will suffer.

Not every desire is worth pursuing.

Not every mountain is worth climbing.

A little restraint will improve results.

A New Interpretation of Hexagrams! Without the Superior Man!