Hexagram 46 Line 5

Hexagram 46 Line 5

01a-IC-R-S 05LE-03-Hx46 Pushing Upward-L5

Six in the fifth place:

One helps someone to go forward,

But in doing so falls behind.

Discontent will breed regret.

Help the worthy.

Clear a way for the meek.


…..The fifth place:  28. Preponderance of the Great

…..Consider the implications.

…..A strong effort to help those who need it.

…..Children will need guidelines.

…..No one should go hungry.


……….Six in the fifth place:

……….The group takes priority over the individual.

……….If everyone works together

……….And no one is left out,

……….Great progress will be made.

……….Even little contributions will help.


Technical Considerations of Line 5:

Broken in an odd place

Inappropriate receptivity

Yielding at the wrong time

(Astrological note: This place concerns the affairs of Houses 9 and 10)

No Holding Together

Inner Correspondence: Approval and support from Line 2

(Astrological note: Approval and support from Houses 3 and 4)


Trigrams of Influence:

Upper Nuclear

Upper Primary

Zodiac Considerations (Sub-Pentans) for the Fifth Place:

This is one of the six lines (3 solid and 3 broken) that neutralize themselves at 15° Leo. In the I Ching there are a total of 24 such neutral lines. This allows for an exact correspondence between 360° of the Zodiac and the remaining 360 lines of the I Ching.

It happens in the middle of each of the fixed signs, where the cardinal forces meet the mutable forces.

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