Hexagram 54 Text

Hexagram 54 Text



(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

  1. Shocking Indulgence)


Zodiac:           24° – 30° Aries

Calendar:         Northern Hemisphere: Apr 14 to Apr 20 approx

Southern Hemisphere: Oct 17 to Oct 23 approx

House 12:       114° – 120° rising from IC

Time of day:   07:36 to 08:00 AM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:           114° – 120° Waxing (Trine – applying)

Moon Phase:   Waxing Half Moon Phase (90° – 135°)

(7 to 10 ½ days after the New Moon).



Thunder above, the lake below.

Amidst all the fun there will be dangerous warnings.

Excitement above and pleasure below.

Enjoyment that will have shocking consequences.



Thunder on the lake.

It is dangerous to be on the water.

Excess brings danger and misfortune.

The arousal of joy has great consequences.

The force of happiness cannot be stopped.

It is important to strive for appropriateness.



Movement without, pleasure within.

Impulsive desire is rarely worthy.

The more one wants, the more one does.

If one does not question what one wants

One will attract what is intolerable.

Attractions comes first, repulsion will follow.

The end does not justify the means.

This is a difficult lesson.

Inconsiderate and selfish movement will have shocking consequences.

One who behaves in this manner will be a difficult companion.

Where is the patience? Where is the restraint? Where is the tolerance?

The more one forces issues, the less contentment one will have.

If one lives by the sword, one is likely to die by the sword.



The third daughter to the first son

If the third daughter gets in trouble,

The first son will get her out of it.

She acts to have fun.

He will react quickly.

She likes excitement.

He sees danger in her behaviour.

She does what she wants.

He sees what is appropriate and what is not.

He will be undermined by her actions

And repulsed by her desires.



Pentans-01AR 24-30 Hx-54 Marrying Maiden

24-30 AR: 54. The Marrying Maiden

Carried away by a sense of self importance,

One takes the lead without listening.

One looks for helpers,

But good help is hard to find.

Criticism and impatience will make matters worse.

One would be wiser to keep busy

And improve oneself!

A New Interpretation of Hexagrams! Without the Superior Man!