Hexagram 61 Text

Hexagram 61 Text


Sequential: Early Heaven Name and Number:

Hx61-Inner Truth

(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

  1. Gentle Persuasion)



Zodiac:………18° – 24° Aries

Calendar……..Northern Hemisphere: Apr 8 to Apr 14 approx.

…………………….Southern Hemisphere: Oct 11 to Oct 17 approx.

House 12:…….108° – 114° rising from IC

Time of day:…07:12 to 07:36 AM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:………..108° – 114° Waxing

Moon Phase:…Waxing Half Moon Phase (90° – 135°)

………………………(7 to 10 ½ days after the New Moon).



Above the penetrating wind and wood.

Below the lake.

Firm but gentle above

Firm and happy below.

Laughter in the wind.

Happiness that hurts no one!



Wood moves on the water.

One must stay alert

And adjust to the demands of the time.

Energy must be directed to the common good.

Thoughts must be kept to oneself.

Do not throw pearls before swine.

Do not disturb the stomach or the ears.



Gentleness without, pleasure within.

If one is gentle one can get what one wants.

If it can be expressed, is it inner truth?

Contemplation and satisfaction are not the same.

Contemplation comes through non-action.

Satisfaction comes through action.

If one is virtuous no words are needed.

If one is not virtuous, how can words have inner truth?

It is difficult to keep the toes, the hands and the mind still.

What goes into and what comes out of the mouth

Is the measure of truth.

It is difficult indeed to keep the jaw still.



The third daughter to the first daughter.

The third daughter lives and laughs.

The first daughter lives and advises.

Two different styles. Two different priorities.

As words increase, differences become apparent.

When the third daughter confides,

The first daughter tells her what to do.

The third daughter will trivialize

And find humour in her oldest sister’s words.

The third daughter is unlikely to ask for permission.

She will act before she speaks.

When there is silence, there will be inner peace.



Pentans-01AR 18-24 Hx-61 Inner Truth

18-24 AR: 61. Inner Truth

One becomes sensitive to what disturbs the peace.

One champions a noble cause.

There is no need to talk.

There is no time for personal indulgence.

Actions will speak louder than words.

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