Hexagram 60 Text

Hexagram 60 Text


Divination: Later Heaven Name and Number:


(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

  1. Difficulties with Pleasure)



Zodiac:………12° – 18° Aries

Calendar:…….Northern Hemisphere: Apr 1 to Apr 8 approx

……………….Southern Hemisphere: Oct 5 to Oct 11 approx

House 12:……102° – 108° rising from IC

Time of day:…06:48 to 07:12 AM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:………102° – 108° Waxing

Moon Phase:…Waxing Half Moon Phase (90° – 135°)

……………….(7 to 10 ½ days after the New Moon).



A storm above the lake.

To persevere would be dangerous.

Even the river bank is dangerous to traverse.

Danger above, pleasure below.

One needs to be discriminating

About the depths of one’s indulgences.

Joy should not come at someone else’s expense.



Dangerous waters.

Too much fun will attract danger.

Caution is needed concerning what goes into the mouth and what comes out,

Choose your activities well.

Be cautious about the company you keep.

Inconsiderate people will invite disaster.

It will be easy to attract bad people,

But it will be very difficult to get rid of them.



Discrimination without, pleasure within.

Not everything that is enjoyable is worthy.

To impose personal preferences will only make matters worse.

There is much that needs to be done.

This is not the time for frivolity.

Too much of anything will spoil it.

To laugh without consideration.

To indulge without sharing.

What good can come of this?

Overindulgence will have dangerous consequences.

To take on more than one can accomplish

Or to do less than one is capable of

Will have dire consequences.



The third daughter to the second son.

She laughs. He will criticize.

She throws herself into the game of life.

He tends to brood and disassociate.

He will impose limits on her enthusiasm.

Her playfulness will rarely find approval.

She pushes the limits of what is right,

He will be blamed.

She says what she should not.

He says what he does not want to say.

Silence would be an improvement.



Pentans-01AR 12-18 Hx-60 Limitation

12-18 AR: 60. Limitation

Dangerous impulse.

One puts one’s own ideas first

And moves forward at any cost.

One steps on the sensitivities of others

And even threatens their security.

One laughs at criticism.

Performance will suffer.

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