The Five Elements

The Five Elements

The numerological view predominated and the ability to read horoscopes was left behind. Astrological mandalas and charts were read numerologically and abstractly. The five elements, of which so much importance has been made especially in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, are really the five planets that you can see with your eyes. They too were read as nu­merological factors and have been treated that way as if they were five elements. The five ele­ments are the same as the five yogas of India. They are actually the planets! Mercury is the wa­ter ball or planet (waters of the mind) and corresponds to Raja yoga. Venus is the metal planet (gold and silver- possessions – values) and corresponds to Bhakti Yoga. Mars is the fire ball or planet (energy and force) and corresponds to Hatha Yoga. Jupiter is the wood ball or planet (expansion and growth) and this corresponds to Gnana yoga. Saturn is the earth ball or planet and this corresponds to Karma Yoga.

Everything that moves in the heavens, which we use for understanding stress and timings in life through astrology and the medical implications of the same, was converted into a magic square or drawing that symbolically represented the heavens but not so far as to allow a func­tional perception.

If one reads the Great Treatise and relates it to astrology, it will become apparent that it was originally written for astrology and then adopted to its present form of divination. Horary astrology with­out the horoscope!

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