Hexagram 8 Text

Hexagram 8 Text


Divination: Later Heaven Name and Number:


(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

  1. Responds to Problems)



Zodiac:……..12° – 18° Sagittarius

Calendar:…….Northern Hemisphere: Dec 4 to Dec 10 approx

……………………Southern Hemisphere: Jun 2 to Jun 9 approx

House 4:……..18° – 12° setting to IC

Time of day:..10:48 to 11:12 PM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:……….18° – 12° Waning

Moon Phase:. Waning New Moon Phase (45° – 00°)

…………………..(10½ to 14 days after the Full Moon).



Water above, the earth below.

The abysmal above, the earth below.

One is discriminating without and receptive within.

The troubles of others can be understood with a little sensitivity.

Difficulties can be solved by holding together.



Snow falls.

Danger hovers.

Holding together overcomes obstacles.

The lone wolf will not attack the herd.

It will wait for stragglers.

Holding together means taking care of the weaker ones.

There is no room for individual priorities here.

United we stand. Divided we fall.

Be content with your circumstances.

Someone will always have less than you.

Try to help others.



Teamwork will prevail

Where individuality will fail.

Even the greatest difficulties

Can be overcome by holding together.

Align with others.

Keep your demands simple.

Acknowledge the worthy.

Protect the innocent.

Assist the vulnerable.

In this way the weaknesses of others

Can be minimized and made useful.



The mother to the second son.

She is inclusive. He holds closely to her.

She will give special consideration to the second son.

She has to protect him from his older brother.

He lives in his older brother’s shadow.

She will try to ensure that he is included and treated fairly.

She is always busy. He will not force issues.

She holds the family together.

He often feels threatened and seeks her protection.

She understands. He discriminates.

He criticizes and wants improvements.

She will adjust.



Pentans-09SA 12-18 Hx-8 Holding Together

12-18 SA: 8. Holding Together

Independence will cause problems.

Excessive talking will reveal ignorance.

To use the group for one’s own purpose will bring humiliation.

Holding together requires consideration.

Holding together will increase security.

Everyone has a story.

Not everyone finds peace and acceptance.

There is great value in teamwork.

There are also great challenges.

One must be receptive to the struggles of others.

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