Hexagram 29 Text

Hexagram 29 Text


Divination: Later Heaven Name and Number:


(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

  1. Discretion)



Zodiac:……….12° – 18° Virgo

Calendar:…….Northern Hemisphere: Sep 4 to Sep 10 approx

……………….Southern Hemisphere: Mar 3 to Mar 8 approx

House 7:……..108° – 102° setting to IC

Time of day:…04:48 to 05:12 PM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:………108° – 102° Waning

Moon Phase:.. Waning Half Moon Phase (135° – 90°)

……………………(3½ to 7 days after the Full Moon).



The abyss above and the abyss below.

Water above and water below.

Critical without and critical within.

Danger of too much analysis.

Without a change of attitude,

It will be difficult to find good helpers.

One will feel obliged to do everything oneself.



Health and hygiene.

Danger upon danger.

Discrimination over the corners of the mouth.

Great care is needed over what goes in

and what comes out of the mouth.

Too much negativity can destroy.

To be sparing of words is helpful.

If you don’t have something good to say, don’t say it!

Concentrate on self improvement.

Danger can be diminished but not by empowering it.

Brooding will increase danger.

Good food, good drink, simple exercise, or nothing!

Set an example!

Cleanliness is close to divine.



Difficulties within, difficulties without.

Powerful position with limited resources.

Strong motivation, weak application.

Power in one’s inner depth accompanied by a lack of self discipline.

A position of authority with moderate support.

If one does not keep busy there will be trouble.

If one does not keep others busy there will be trouble.

So much to do, so little time.



The second son to himself.

The second son is naturally discriminating.

He is critical about what he eats and about what is said.

He tends to withdraw.

He does not appreciate the criticism of others.

He is a perfectionist and senses the need for improvement.

He is vulnerable to the danger of too much discrimination.

He can be very lazy or work very hard

But he does not like to be watched

Or told what to do.

He is sensitive to matters of health and hygiene

And he does not want to get old.

He tends to be closer to the mother than the father.



Pentans-06VI 12-18 Hx-29 The Abysmal

12-18 VI: 29. The Abysmal, Water

Darkness increases and so does responsibility.

So many people. So much to do.

One cannot be perfect for everyone.

It is enough to do the best that one can

And fix what needs to be fixed.

Do not make promises. Do not voice criticism.

Strive to improve your techniques.

Do not rely on others. Do the job yourself.

One can be crippled by criticism… within and without.

Silence is golden.

Actions speak louder than words.

A New Interpretation of Hexagrams! Without the Superior Man!