Hexagram 45 Text

Hexagram 45 Text


Divination: Later Heaven Name and Number:


(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

  1. Receptive to Happiness



Zodiac:………18° – 24° Scorpio

Calendar:……..Northern Hemisphere: Nov 10 to Nov 16 approx

………………..Southern Hemisphere: May 8 to May 15 approx

House 5:………42° – 36° setting to IC

Time of day:….09:12 to 09:36 PM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:…………42° – 36° Waning

Moon Phase:.. Waning New Moon Phase (45° – 00°)

………………..(10½ to 14 days after the Full Moon).



The lake above, the earth below.

Happiness without, receptivity within.

Gathering in good cheer.

If participation is presented pleasantly

No one will be able to refuse.



Water gathers.

The lake on the earth.


Everyone is open to happiness.

Smile and the world smiles with you.

Be content with the small.

It is important to see that everyone is included.

The family, or team, is only as strong as the weakest member.

Understanding does not come from strength.

Acceptance brings joy.



Happiness without, acceptance within.

One meets others with an open heart.

A positive attitude makes teamwork enjoyable.

One goes out of one’s way to secure the happiness of others.

Good will and good cheer will bring and hold people together.

No one will be isolated or left out.

Music, entertainment and laughter!

Who can resist?



The mother to the third daughter.

The mother has many responsibilities and little time for herself.

The third daughter likes to have fun and enjoy herself.

The mother is serious and often tired.

The third daughter is frivolous and at times inconsiderate.

The third daughter can cheer up her mother

But she is not always reliable.

The mother is concerned about the third daughter’s development.

The third daughter likes to live in the moment.

When the mother is happy and makes participation fun,

The third daughter will be quick to join in.



Pentans-08SC 18-24 Hx-45 Gathering Together

18-24 SC: 45. Gathering Together

One works hard to improve morale.

If others are to join in

Rewards will be needed.

Music can work wonders.

Whistle while you work.

Do not take the efforts of others lightly.

Listen well.

Acknowledge their efforts.

Words of encouragement will help.

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