Hexagram 15 Text

Hexagram 15 Text


Divination: Later Heaven Name and Number:


(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

  1. Waits for a Response)



Zodiac:……….12° – 15° Scorpio

Calendar:……..Northern Hemisphere: Nov 4 to Nov 7 approx

………………..Southern Hemisphere: May 2 to May 5 approx

House 5:……..48° – 45° setting to IC

Time of day:…08:48 to 09:00 PM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:………..48° – 45° Waning (Semi-Square – applying)

Moon Phase:.. Waning Crescent Moon Phase (90° – 45°)

……………………(7 to 10½ days after the Full Moon).



The earth above, the mountain below.

Receptive on the outside, keeping still on the inside.

The mind surrenders and the body stays still.

One does not talk of one’s accomplishments.

One will respond to the needs of others.

One will let others go first and wait one’s turn.



A mountain that cannot be seen is modest indeed.

The mountain does not show preference.

People come and go.

The mountain does not act.

In meditation, thoughts come and go.

The wise one does not act.

To judge or show favour will generate danger

And increase difficulties.

Calm the mind!



Outer receptivity, inner tranquility.

Open to the influences of others

One does not contend.

One sits peacefully in the midst of vulnerabilities.

Keeping still, the mind is free from attachments.

Content with simplicity

One does not consider what is unworthy.



The third son to the mother.

He keeps still. She is always busy.

She wants the older boys to play with him.

They would rather go by themselves.

He learns to wait and be patient.

She will try to find things for him to do.

He waits for her encouragement.

She does not want to be delayed.

He complicates her life.

She will try to keep him secure and comfortable.

She encourages him to keep busy.

He takes his own time.

He will not force his way.

He will wait for her encouragement.

When older, he will not want to move out of the house.

She will not be free until he goes.



Pentans-08SC 12-15 Hx-15 Modesty

12-15 SC: 15. Modesty

One understands vulnerability

But makes no judgments.

One holds to silence

And remains trustworthy.

One does not let the weakness of others

Disturb one’s peace.

One remains open minded

And does not contend.

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