Hexagram 49 Text

Hexagram 49 Text


Divination: Later Heaven Name and Number:


(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

  1. Emotional Clarity)



Zodiac:………..18° – 24° Pisces

Calendar:……..Northern Hemisphere: Mar 8 to Mar 14 approx

………………..Southern Hemisphere: Sep 10 to Sep 16 approx

House 1:………78° – 84° rising from IC

Time of day:….05:12 to 05:36 AM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:……….78° – 84° Waxing

Moon Phase:.. Waxing Crescent Moon Phase (45° – 90°)

……………….(3 ½ to 7 days after the New Moon).



Water above, fire below.

Nothing will stay the same.

Laughter above, clarity below.

One sees what one wants.

To welcome the new and to be considerate of the old

Would be wise!

Too much pleasure will diminish credibility.

Too fanatical an approach will weaken support.



Footprints in the snow.

The temperature is rising.

One has to consider the force of water,

If one is to reach the goal.

It is important to avoid extremes.



Pleasure without, clarity within.

In anticipation of spring people are enjoying themselves.

In the midst of frivolity one becomes conscientious.

One meets laughter with sincerity.

If one does not withdraw,

One could be ridiculed for being so concerned.

One will not be heard.

The light within must be nurtured

Until others of like mind and values arrive.



The second daughter to the third daughter.

The second daughter likes to be noticed.

The third daughter likes to have fun.

Just as a flame can be put out by water,

The second daughter’s opportunities can be diminished

By the fun-loving nature of her younger sister.

Clarity versus pleasure.

Dependency versus happiness.

This is not a comfortable relationship.

The second daughter will not want the obligation

Of bringing her younger sister along.

She wants to have her own fun.

The third daughter will want to come along.

When coming to meet others,

Their approach differs and creates conflict,

Like fire and water.



Pentans-12PI 18-24 Hx-49 Revolution

18-24PI: 49. Revolution

Defending what is right.

Different people will have different priorities

And different motivations.

That things get done will seem more important than how.

Without rules, regulations and time demands

Security will be diminished.

Be cautious.

Revolution will have consequences.

A New Interpretation of Hexagrams! Without the Superior Man!