Hexagram 23 Line 1

Hexagram 23 Line 1

01a-IC-R-S 09SA-04-Hx23 Splitting Apart-L1

Six in the first place: (23° – 24° Sagittarius)

Lost in the crowd.

One feels inadequate and knows not what to say

Or how to contribute.

Time is wasted.

There will be no reward for the unworthy.


…..The first place: 23° – 24° Sagittarius:  47. Oppression, Exhaustion

…..One indulges more than one should.

…..One enjoys what one should not.

…..One gets exhausted over trivialities.

…..Children should be kept at a distance.


……….Six in the first place:

……….One does not place oneself above others.

……….One will serve if one has to,

……….But will accomplish little if left alone.


Technical Considerations of Line 1:

Broken in an odd place

Inappropriate receptivity

Yielding at the wrong time

(Astrological note: This place concerns the affairs of Houses 1 and 2)

No Holding Together

No Correspondence


Trigrams of Influence:

Lower Primary

Zodiac Considerations (Sub-Pentans) for the First Place:

Pent-lines-09SA 23-24 Hx-23 Splitting Apart


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