Hexagram 50 Line 2

Hexagram 50 Line 2

01a-IC-R-S 04CA-03-Hx50 Caldron-L2

Nine in the second place: (13° – 14° Cancer)

Momentarily delayed.

Adjustments are made.

One puts out the extra energy

And gets what is missing.

One will catch up later.


…..The second place: 13° – 14° Cancer:  23. Splitting Apart

…..If one pushes forward  independently

…..There will be failure and one will be let down.

…..If one adjusts and helps others

…..There will be success.


……….Nine in the second place:

……….Quick to speak and quick to act.

……….One will end up

……….With more work than one wants.


Technical Considerations of Line 2:

Solid in an even place

Inappropriate action

Firmness at the wrong time

(Astrological note: This place concerns the affairs of Houses 3 and 4)

Holding Together with inappropriate energy below.

(Astrological note: Inappropriate reinforcement from Houses 1 and 2)

Outer Correspondence: Approval and support from Line 5

(Astrological note: Approval and support from Houses 9 and 10)


Trigrams of Influence:

Lower Primary

Lower Nuclear

Zodiac Considerations (Sub-Pentans) for the Second Place:

Pent-lines-04CA 13-14 Hx-50 The Caldron

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