The Astrological Nature of the Changes

The Astrological Nature of the Changes

“The spirit is bound to no one place, nor the book of changes to any one form.”

This could be viewed as an affirmation of the new numerological development, which would have inte­grated very well, if the original sequence had been maintained.

From this perspective, much of Chinese thought and seeming profundity seems to be an ex­ercise in obscurity and wrong logic. No wonder the cultivation of a transcendent oneness in Taoism and Buddhism followed. It got rid of the non-sense!

For a valid astrological, nature-oriented understanding of the I Ching one must return to the Earlier arrangement of Fu Hsi. The real meanings of the hexagrams came out of their sequence and then developed into deeper considerations.

True Chinese thought is brilliantly lucid and clear, but one must get past these obstacles to clarity and return to the astrological roots of this system.

This justification of the I Ching by virtue of numbers then proceeded into the internal work­ings of the hexagrams, with many great assumptions. But if one looks at the original system as astrology with its horary techniques, one will find a great affirmation. That the changes were indeed an astrological system was often referred to as the great secret.

A New Interpretation of Hexagrams! Without the Superior Man!