Hexagram 39 Text

Hexagram 39 Text


Divination: Later Heaven Name and Number:


(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

  1. Absorbed in Thought)



Zodiac:………..00° – 06° Scorpio

Calendar:…….Northern Hemisphere: Oct 23 to Oct 29 approx

……………………Southern Hemisphere: Apr 20 to Apr 26 approx

House 5:………60° – 54° setting to IC

Time of day:…08:00 to 08:24 PM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:……….60° – 54° Waning (Sextile – separating)

Moon Phase:. Waning Crescent Moon Phase (90° – 45°)

…………………..(7 to 10½ days after the Full Moon).



The abyss above, the mountain below.

Dangerous water on the mountain.

Problems without, patience within.

Obstacles will cause delay.

Worries will cloud the mind and disturb the peace.

Hold to the light within.



Storm on the mountain.


Keep still.

Stay put.

The main challenge is internal.

Negative thoughts, worries and fears cloud up the mind.

Inner peace is disturbed.

Obstacles to meditation.

How to clear the mind?

How to clear the mind?



Difficulties without, tranquility within.

One is criticized for keeping still

But does not respond.

Thoughts are an obstruction to meditation.

Whether positive or negative

They disturb the peace.

One keeps the body still

But the mind does not follow.

Only a person of sincerity and simplicity

Can keep the mind controlled

And maintain inner peace.

Such a person does not speak of others.



The third son to the second son.

The third son waits and watches.

The second son tends to complain.

The third son rests content. The second son is discriminating.

The third son will listen patiently

And may even agree with his brother,

But he will not move into greater difficulties

Without something to gain.

The third son senses trouble and will move away.

The second son will try to enlist his help.

The third son will wait until

His brother offers him something he wants.



Pentans-08SC 00-06 Hx-39 Obstruction

00-06 SC: 39. Obstruction

Preferences lead to expectations.

Expectations lead to faulty perceptions.

Possessiveness clouds the mind and impairs judgment.

No good will come from anger.

There are chains on one’s heart.

One must keep still and be silent.

The battle is within.

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