Hexagram 25 Line 2

Hexagram 25 Line 2

01a-IC-R-S 11AQ-03-Hx25-Innocence Unexpected-L2

Six in the second place: (13° – 14° Aquarius)

Sensitive to the demands of the time,

One listens and takes a moment to reflect.

No sound from one’s mouth.

Just a smile!


…..The second place: 13° – 14° Aquarius:  43. Breakthrough, Resoluteness

…..The mouth may be quiet but the mind is not!

…..Independent plans.

…..A breakthrough is eminent.


……….Six in the second place:

……….One takes care of little things

……….And lets the big things take care of themselves.

……….No presumptions are made.

……….One holds to what is simple and sincere.


Technical Considerations of Line 2:

Broken in an even place

Appropriate receptivity

Yielding at the right time

(Astrological note: This place concerns the affairs of Houses 3 and 4)


Holding Together with appropriate energy below.

(Astrological note: Appropriate reinforcement from Houses 1 and 2)

Outer Correspondence: Approval and support from Line 5

(Astrological note: Approval and support from Houses 9 and 10)


Trigrams of Influence:

Lower Primary

Lower Nuclear

Zodiac Considerations (Sub-Pentans) for the Second Place:

Pent-lines-11AQ 13-14 Hx-25. Innocence

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