Hexagram 7 Text

Hexagram 7 Text


Divination: Later Heaven Name and Number:


(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

  1. Preparation)



Zodiac:……….24° – 30° Virgo

Calendar:……..Northern Hemisphere: Sep 16 to Sep 23 approx

……………….Southern Hemisphere: Mar 14 to Mar 20 approx

House 7:……..96° – 90° setting to IC

Time of day:…05:36 to 06:00 PM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:………..96° – 90° Waning (Square – applying)

Moon Phase:.. Waning Half Moon Phase (135° – 90°)

……………….(3½ to 7 days after the Full Moon).



The earth above, the abyss below.

Yielding without and critical within.

A little movement can lead to a big collapse.

Receptive to criticism and danger.

There is much that can be improved.

One must work with others to fix the little things.



Ears wide open!

Receptive to danger.

Ready to act.

The odds are against you.

Do not under-estimate adversity.

Take care of small things at the beginning.

This is not the time to be critical of others.

You are bound together in danger.

Don’t complain.

Strive to make improvements.

No room for grand gestures.

It’s the little things that matter.



Can one maintain virtue when no one else is?

Can one maintain integrity when no one else does?

Insecurity within will find no support without.

Strength within will find no support without.

In such situations one must hold on to duty.

If one is healthy and no one else is

One must face the danger and help.

If one is capable and no one else is,

One must get involved.

To accept inertia will lead to failure and guilt.

Strength of character is essential.

If one does not hold onto what is right,

One will deserve what one gets.



The second son to the mother.

He is discriminating. She is accepting.

He withdraws. She understands.

He wants to help. She will let him.

Even though he is fussy, she will look after his needs.

When he is threatened, she will protect him.

He will hide behind her in the face of the older brother.

He can at times be too critical of her.

She has her own understanding.

He must fix the little things

Before he voices criticism over bigger issues.

If she keeps him busy, he will steadily improve.

He needs to learn to do things for himself.

In this way there will be no one to criticize.



Pentans-06VI 24-30 Hx-07 The Army

24-30 VI: 7. The Army

Rapidly increasing darkness.

Increasing obligations.

One cannot help everyone.

If one does what one can

There will be no blame.

Take care of the little things

And the big things will take care of themselves.

Be considerate. Work for the team.

Help others when they need it.

A little kindness goes a long way.

Try to solve problems before they happen.

A New Interpretation of Hexagrams! Without the Superior Man!