The Star Shapes

The Star Shapes

The star shapes on the title page of each hexagram are the hexagrams in a circle format. There are arcs of strength and points of sensitivity.

They allow for new levels of association, correspondence and insight.

These star shapes can fit on the tree of life in Kabballah. This adds another dimension of inter­pretation to the hexagrams and especially to the lines, which are outlined in green lines below. Line 1 relates to Glory, line 2 relates to Foundation and Kingdom, Line 3 relates to Triumph, Line 4 relates to Mercy, Line 5 relates to a combination of Intelligence, Wisdom and Crown, and Line 6 relates to Judgement.

These are seemingly simple associations but there are vast amounts of teachings about each of these words and energies.

If you are familiar with the Kabballah you will have a special insight into the changes by this correspondence and you will witness the uniqueness of it in the star shape for each hexagram. These star shapes also can be placed within the zodiac wheel of a horoscope.

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