Hexagram 35 Text

Hexagram 35 Text


Divination: Later Heaven Name and Number:


(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

  1. Responds to Kindness)



Zodiac:………..24° – 30° Scorpio

Calendar:…….Northern Hemisphere: Nov 16 to Nov 22 approx

……………….Southern Hemisphere: May 15 to May 21 approx

House 5:………36° – 30° setting to IC

Time of day:…09:36 to 10:00 PM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:………36° – 30° Waning (Semi-Sextile – applying)

Moon Phase:.. Waning New Moon Phase (45° – 00°)

………………..(10½ to 14 days after the Full Moon).



Fire above, the earth below.

The development of fire on the earth

Is the history of progress.

Clarity without, receptivity within.

It will be apparent where one needs to help.

One understands the dependencies of others.

One will offer to help.



Fire on the earth.

The way of progress.

Light and warmth bring people together.

Clarity removes obstructions.

A light in the darkness.

Do not draw attention to the faults of others.

Show kindness to all.

The whole family gathers around the fire.

Criticism will not succeed here.

Everyone must hold together.

Safety in numbers.



Clarity without, receptivity within.

One sees light in the darkness

And knows what is good and what is not.

Holding together with worthy people will bring progress and good fortune.

Choices have implications.

Who you cling to will determine how much progress will be made.

To be involved without losing virtue will set the standard.

Without the standard one will be distracted

And lose sight of the goal.

What good would come of this?



The mother to the second daughter.

The mother is busy doing whatever is needed.

The second daughter will see what is expected of her.

The mother is sensitive to the second daughter’s problems.

She will try to set a good example.

The mother will worry

About who and what the second daughter will get attached to.

The second daughter yearns for adventure.

The mother can sense when the second daughter’s choices are appropriate.

The second daughter has her own understanding.

The mother wants the girls to work together.

The second daughter keeps her eye on freedom.



Pentans-08SC 24-30 Hx-35 Progress

24-30 SC: 35. Progress

Group insight.

Consideration within diversity.

One acknowledges the worthy and listens to advice.

One helps those less fortunate than oneself.

If one can see what is needed,

One will know what one must do.

One should not compromise principles

When facing obstruction.

Be reliable.

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