Hexagram 53 Text

Hexagram 53 Text


Divination: Later Heaven Name and Number:


(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

  1. Listens to the Wind)



Zodiac:………..24° – 30° Libra

Calendar:……..Northern Hemisphere: Oct 17 to Oct 23 approx

……………….Southern Hemisphere: Apr 14 to Apr 20 approx

House 6:……..66° – 60° setting to IC

Time of day:…07:36 to 08:00 PM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:………..66° – 60° Waning (Sextile – applying))

Moon Phase:.. Waning Crescent Moon Phase (90° – 45°)

………………..(7 to 10½ days after the Full Moon).



The wood above, the mountain below.

The penetrating wind on the immovable mountain.

The wind will have an effect but it is difficult to measure.

Gentleness without and patience within.

Be selective about what you say

And wait for the right moment to say it.



A tree on the mountain grows slowly,

But it will survive the axe.

The tree can be seen by all.

Its roots penetrate the rocks.

It will not fall.

The fruits of such a tree are not easily obtained.

Nurture your visions.

Take time to develop them.

In this way they may survive the affairs of others.



Gentleness without, stillness within.

Sensitive when dealing with others

And non-pretentious.

One threatens no one.

And no one threatens.

Relationships will develop at their own appropriate pace.

Tranquility will prevail even in difficult situations.



The third son to the first daughter.

He is patient. She is gentle.

She will be quick to advise. He will be slow to react.

She has much to do. He does not want to bother.

He will keep still or meditate.

She will penetrate his silence with words.

Even though he is slow to respond, she knows how to reach him.

She also knows what needs to be done.

He is sensitive to the demands on his time.

She is sensitive to the demands of the time.

She will have to approach him in the right way

If she wants him to respond.

He needs encouragement and a good reason to act.

If she is persistent, he will come around in time.



Pentans-07LI 24-30 Hx-53 Gradual Progress

24-30 LI: 53. Gradual Progress

Wind on the mountain.

One sits still but the mind moves in many directions.

It is inappropriate to follow the wind.

If one watches one’s thoughts

And works steadily to stop thinking,

One’s ability to meditate

Will gradually develop.

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