Hexagram 64 Text

Hexagram 64 Text


Divination: Later Heaven Name and Number:


(Sequential: Alternative Name and Number:

  1. Premature Conclusions)



Zodiac:………..24° – 30° Leo

Calendar:………Northern Hemisphere: Aug 17 to Aug 23 approx

………………..Southern Hemisphere: Feb 13 to Feb 19 approx

House 8:………126° – 120° setting to IC

Time of day:….03:36 to 04:00 PM (Local Mean Time or Sun Dial time)

Aspect:…………126° – 120° Waning (Trine – applying)

Moon Phase:.. Waning Half Moon Phase (135° – 90°)

……………….(3½ to 7 days after the Full Moon).



Fire above, water below.

Lightning in a storm.

Clarity without and discrimination within.

What is appropriate is obvious

One can be intolerant of the smallest faults.

The challenge is to improve one’s own character

Before questioning the character of others.



Surrender to the greater good.

Inappropriate action cannot be maintained for long.

A time of holding together.

Examine problems.

Let need determine the action.

One must be worthy to take the lead.

Words must be heard.

The strong need guidance!



Clarity without, doubt within.

One’s inadequacies become apparent.

To succeed one must work on the roots of character.

Good intentions are not enough.

If one does not practice what one preaches

Humiliation will soon follow.

One can see the danger.

One is challenged to take the right approach.



The second son to the second daughter.

He is dark. She is light.

He withdraws. She radiates.

He is critical. She is considerate.

He will analyze. She will clarify.

He will not do what she does.

She will not follow him.

He will disassociate. She will cling.

They are both perceptive

But he tends to keep to himself

and she likes to be noticed.

He is discriminating. She is forgiving.



Pentans-05LE 24-30 Hx-64-Before Completion

18-24 LE: 64. Before Completion

Poor timing.

Inappropriate behaviour.

Responsibilities will increase with the darkness.

One wants freedom and glory

But is not inclined to work for it.

Out of touch with the priorities of others

Mistakes in judgment will be made.

One needs to exercise discrimination

And make an effort to help where it is needed.

A New Interpretation of Hexagrams! Without the Superior Man!