Hexagram 37 Line 2

Hexagram 37 Line 2

01a-IC-R-S 12PI-01-Hx37 Family, Clan-L2

Six in the second place: (04° – 05° Pisces)

One gathers supplies and prepares the food.

A big pot of water is put on the fire.

The wood is damp.

The fire flickers.

Help is needed.


…..The second place: 04° – 05° Pisces:  53. Development, Gradual Progress.

…..There is no need to rush.

…..Progress will be made gradually.

…..It will be helpful to fan the flames.


……….Six in the second place:

……….One cannot accomplish much alone.

……….One’s influence is restricted.

……….By taking care of little things a good example is set,

……….Even if no one notices.


Technical Considerations of Line 2:

Broken in an even place

Appropriate receptivity

Yielding at the right time

(Astrological note: This place concerns the affairs of Houses 3 and 4)

Holding Together with appropriate energy below.

(Astrological note: Appropriate reinforcement from Houses 1 and 2)

Holding Together with appropriate energy above.

(Astrological note: Appropriate reinforcement from Houses 5 and 6)

Outer Correspondence: Approval and support from Line 5

(Astrological note: Approval and support from Houses 9 and 10)


Trigrams of Influence:

Lower Primary

Lower Nuclear

Zodiac Considerations (Sub-Pentans) for the Second Place:

Pent-lines-12PI 04-05 Hx-37 The Family

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